Accelerating Technology with TAAP

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It was of relatively little surprise that 2021 saw the Oxford English Dictionary declare its word of the year as ‘vax’. Words related to vaccines naturally spiked greatly in frequency in 2021 thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Just as our vocabulary changed, so too did the ways in which we communicate and operate. Lunch meetings were replaced by Teams meetings. Going out for a glass of wine with a friend translated to staying in with a glass of wine shared via FaceTime. Christmas shopping happened almost-exclusively online. What do all of these things have in common? Tech, and its ability to fully digitise systems we rely on daily.

A future digital landscape

As Gartner release their top predictions for 2022, three post-pandemic themes cement their robustness for our future landscape: human centricity, resilience, and the ability to reach beyond expectations. All of which we’re proud to say are in common with our Agile Application Platform!

Making exciting advances in, and increasing the capabilities of, technology is one thing. Understanding how to incorporate this intelligence into real-world practice is another, completely. Regardless of whether your platform is all-singing, all-dancing, it’s only as useful as its application.

The Agile Application Platform (TAAP) is what it says on the tin – it’s agile – and then some. Thanks to its no/low-code roots, it’s been built to digitise systems that centre around user-friendly outcomes and is orientated on real-world applications. Where else could you approach a software company with a problem, and have a custom-made solution built for you within days? (Legitimately, days. Just ask one of our main healthcare clients about how quickly we implemented their staff vaccination management solution.)

The Agile Application Platform

One of the best ways to describe TAAP is like having access to an interactive series of building blocks. We’ve developed each block with lines of code, meaning that you don’t have to. All you need to do is decide how you want your system to work, i.e. what you need from it.

The beauty of having a system built on no/low-code is its adaptable and versatile nature. Our building blocks are flexible and allow you to configure them in literally millions of permutations. From here, you can create almost any type of application that you can imagine. Meaning a solution can be tailored to meet 100% of your requirements without compromise!

The other piece of the puzzle that needs real consideration is your digital transformation strategy. It should be no surprise that these plans are pinnacle to business models moving forwards. Firstly, if you don’t have one, you’ll find yourself in hot water during the ever-increasing digital landscape. And secondly, if you don’t marry strategy with the right digital transformation platform, that water might just boil over.

Accelerating the digital transformation

The phrase ‘digital transformation’ is often associated with computers, coders, and expensive hardware. But it’s about time that generalisation got shifted on its head. TAAP allows users to move away from having to invest in a plethora of hardware and accessories that, if we’re being realistic, probably haven’t been built with the everyday user in mind.

TAAP can be deployed across a broad range of sectors, from testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) to use in retail to serving oil and gas providers. Despite the thousands of existing operating systems that are already serving these industries, TAAP can be easily integrated, and its use accelerated. Lengthy and time-consuming data transfers become a thing of the past, and your data can then be processed from the get-go, in real-time.

The Covid-19 problem-solution

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, video became core to driving digital engagement and transformation. People found they could work more effectively than they first realised, and activities became more efficient. As well as for conversation, TAAP clients looked to incorporate video into their applications to transact and discuss specific client accounts, remote knowledge work assistance, and advanced help-desk support.

Despite ‘stay at home’ orders, many factories and industrial sites remained open due to their ‘essential’ nature. Similarly, global energy providers and critical infrastructure projects needed to continue. Both video and remote video inspection services have been able to continually support these actions, ensuring operations remained safe.

Feature foresight

By incorporating video into TAAP, inspections were able to continue, albeit virtually. We reduced the amount of manpower needed on-site, equipping all relevant parties with a comprehensive communication system. High-definition video and audio ensures even the most granular detail are picked up on. The ability to share and store live-stream images, documents, and files, as well as annotate these in real-time, too, increases collaboration and limits the chances of mistakes.

The significance of video to everyday business operations continues to climb. Our technology is increasingly exposed across a wide range of sectors, with the possibilities of achievement truly endless. Each and every day, we’re discovering new capabilities of the platform that will help to revolutionise the industries we serve. For instance, in the run-up to retail’s busiest season, we’re incorporating third-party products like Scandit. Their optical scan engines for barcodes are helping consumers find products in-store, streamlining procedures in the process.

Working out your priorities, and then developing a solution that supports this, is the key to a successful digital transformation. Don’t wait until next year, or the year after, or the year after that to discover the benefits of accelerating your digital transformation. Find out how we can roll out TAAP rapidly across your business so you can start seeing the benefits of a digitised system, today. Quite literally…