Secure, Smart, Streamlined Desk Booking

Floor Plan

Floor plan available to locate desks


Email notifications are sent to the user for confirmation and cancellation

Capacity Management

Manage rooms available for booking


Users can raise issues against room bookings, which will instantly notify admin

Reporting & Insights

Insights of activity and utilisation

Waiting List

Users are added to a wait list when there is no availability and are automatically updated when a space becomes available

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An All in One Digital Desk Booking Solution

With Home and Office Hybrid working and downsizing of offices, the need for a hot desk booking service is ever present.

TAAP Desk Booking is an all-in-one digital desk booking solution that provides simple desk booking as well as providing real-time analytics for management.

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Desk Booking on Demand

TAAP Desk Booking allows your workforce to view which desks are available within your premises and book a desk via mobile or desktop with minimal fuss.

Reporting and analytics allows management to gain real time insight into organisation hot desking behaviours through utilisation and availability reporting.

6 Simple Steps to Getting Started

1. Simply load your list of desks via CSV file including location information, equipment, department etc

2. Manage your desk details by loading floor plans and other relevant information for end users

3. Create user groups and invite users to the system

4. Create asset groups to effectively group and manage desks by department, teams, etc

5. Map your asset groups to user groups to determine who can view and book what desks

6. Users simply login and book

- We can provide optional integration with HR, joiners, movers, leavers systems and single sign on

We care about your data

The TAAP Visitor Book Privacy Notice is available here.

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TAAP Desk Booking is also available as part of the G-Cloud Framework