TAAP Collaborative Application Feature Extensions (CAFÉ)

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The pandemic brought about momentous changes with regards to how we communicate with one another, both on personal and professional levels. It’s become more important than ever for businesses to leverage the power of collaborative working. Employees are increasingly seeking … Read More

Accelerating Technology with TAAP

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It was of relatively little surprise that 2021 saw the Oxford English Dictionary declare its word of the year as ‘vax’. Words related to vaccines naturally spiked greatly in frequency in 2021 thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Just as our … Read More

Trying to Predict the Unpredictable

It’s been near-impossible to escape news surrounding the pandemic that put the world on hold. Over 18 months in, Covid-19 still holds headlines, even as we near the end of a relatively ‘normal’ summer. As we enter the notorious winter season, another pandemic is rumbling away in the background. And it’s only getting louder. Are we prepared for the aftermath of … Read More

The HETT Conference Welcomes TAAP Healthcare

The 2021 Healthcare Excellence Through Technology Conference (HETT) took place at the end of September. Aiming to deliver better patient experience and operational efficiencies, the show displayed a range of technologies that seek to drive more streamlined processes within the … Read More

Morgan Sindall Property Services improve job management using TAAP digital forms

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Morgan Sindall Property Services’ Head of Systems Transformation talks to Microsoft about how TAAP technology has transformed job management. Read full article here: https://news.microsoft.com/en-gb/taap-wants-to-make-paperwork-extinct-and-its-succeeding/#sm.0001h4t5qihwrcxsy5o1yl91xeus3 Morgan Sindall’s property services arm switched to TAAP more than a year ago, and it has transformed … Read More

TAAP Launches Its Food Donation Service

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TAAP, in collaboration with the UK’s largest retailer, and its partners FoodCloud and FareShare, has developed and deployed a Food Donation Service application which enables retailers to donate surplus food to charities. The application is a plug-and-play solution that integrates … Read More

TAAP Forms certified with Zebra’s Enterprise Validated Programme

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TAAP’s Forms technology has been officially certified through Zebra Technologies’ ‘Enterprise Validated’ programme which tests applications to ensure they comply with comprehensive Zebra testing. Application developers participating in the programme work closely with Zebra Technologies’ engineers to validate their application’s … Read More

Microsoft WPC 2015

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TAAP is attending the Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) from July 12th to 16th in Orlando, Florida, U.S. If your organisation is looking for a partnership opportunity to deliver successful mobile applications, meet us there, or register on our partner … Read More

TAAP releases Proof of Delivery App

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TAAP has released a Proof of Delivery app to the Windows 8.1 store which is currently available free of charge. The Proof of Delivery App will allow typical delivery information to be added as well as highlighting any damage the item being delivered be … Read More

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