Digitalisation and innovation are here to stay for facilities management. The last 18 months has been a difficult time for the industry, it has forced firms to prioritise dynamism and adaptability.  

 No code solutions and cloud-computing with integrated QR codes are two of the most effective innovations to build a dynamic, and adaptable offering. These digital solutions replace traditional sign-in processes with online, cloud hosted data entry forms. Bringing firms enhanced productivity and efficiency. 

Putting a Full Stop to Pen and Paper 

Traditional sign in processes are cumbersome and stuck in the mud. Have your admin staff say goodbye to pen and paper, tablets, kiosks, and hello to contactless, covid safe digital sign in using your mobile phone. 

 In 2020, and 2021, some problems with this system were laid bare. Covid-19 put a stop to all unavoidable contact, which included signing in the traditional way. Since the introduction of the health regulations, contact free sign in has rocketed in popularity. Digital sign in is quickly becoming the best way to replace the potentially dangerous touch heavy sign in procedures. Like pen and paper, and tablet sign ins. 

Integrating the Next Generation Sign-in Tools 

Digital sign-in solutions take the basic processes and revolutionise them, fast-forwarding them to 2021. Our Visitor Book solution digitalises the sign-in process to deliver a modern, contactless solution. Replacing outdated methods with a simple app and QR codes stationed at every entrance. Visitors control their own data, inputting all the relevant fields and signing-in automatically. Building owners are able to configure the chosen fields on entry forms to match their needs and relay important policy document to receive an audit trail of read receipts.  

These technologies are in line with Covid-19 regulations, as instead of presenting the visitor with an iPad which would need disinfecting after each use, the visitor scans a QR code with their mobile device. This then becomes their virtual sign-in point. This reduces the dependence on the receptionist, meaning they can focus their time and effort on more meaningful tasks. 

The Future of Facilities Management 

Tech integration is quickly becoming the norm in facilities management due to the fact that millennials are the first “digital native” generation, and they will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030. Added to the fact that there are now more mobile devices on the planet than humans, tech integration in facilities management is not surprising. 

Digital sign in solutions have a clear future in a post-pandemic world. The sheer visibility by these tools creates an environment where facilities managers can view visitor data across multiple estates, or even refine it down to visualise data on single sites. This lets managers operate safer facilities, due to both less transmission possibility but also in case of an emergency. Receptionist will now longer have to source manual documents before leaving the building, our Visitor Book portal is remotely accessibly and the data is real-time, so gives an accurate reflection to who is in the building at one time.