The Home Working Risk Assessment Application to complete at Home

Easy to Use Software

We offer dynamic, simple Employee Risk Assessment software, which can help drive safety, security and wellbeing best practice throughout your department and wider organisation.

Deep Insight Reporting

Our intuitive reporting tool, provided as standard, will make meaningful use of the complex data captured by your workforce.

Embraces Best Practice

Save time and money, and proactively uncover information that will make a powerful contribution to your employee’s wellbeing and business bottom line.

Reduces H&S Admin

Streamline everything from risk awareness by facts, risk classification and risk mitigation action plans leaving you with more time to concentrate on the strategic elements of your role.

Send a risk assessment directly to your line manager or HR department seamlessly

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Reduce Your Risk by Keeping Your Workforce Safe and Secure

What is it?

A smart digital risk assessment solution comprising of a native mobile app, also accessible via a desktop web browser, enabling lone workers to stay healthy and safe.

Who can use it?

For the employee: Anyone who is working from home, permanently or temporarily. For the employer: Line Manager, Health and Safety, Compliance Officer and/or Human Resource Departments within any organisation, small, medium or large. It is a one size fits all risk assessment product.

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Good and Bad Practice Explained

Did you know...

A strong safety culture boosts productivity, employee morale and employee retention. A strong ergonomics integration prevents injuries and also increases productivity. Together, they make working from home safer. Good practice is to ensure you are self-aware of your ergonomics. We show you how...

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Promotion of Smart Home Working Within Your Environment

Did you know...

Through adoption of a Home Working Policy; TAAP can assist by creating a suite of messaging solutions to ensure lone workers adhere to health and safety, information security and general best practice. By creating a Smart Working from Home 8 Step Fact Sheet, staff can maintain the working culture, as all too often, working away from the fixed office premises can often lead to lower productivity and increased risk from degradation of employee wellbeing.

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