Available on Android, IOS and Web

How does it work?

Employers can use TAAP Smart Working Risk Assessment to hone into their lone workers, regardless of location, informing them about their environment and potential risks exposed.

Work on facts, not fiction

For instance, the risks associated with using display screen equipment (DSE) must be controlled and we give you that control based on facts, not fiction. Your lone worker can send a photograph, as evidence, of their screen and seat position should they think there's a potential risk. By highlighting the risk, the employer is better positioned to mitigate them by using corrective action risk mitigation strategy.

Save your employees from ill-health, insecurity and low self-esteem

Be up and running in no time

How long does it take?

A TAAP Smart Home Working Risk Assessment could take anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour, depending on whether your lone workers wish to view our expertly crafted fact sheets and best practice home worker tips.

What does it cover?

Lots. The product is flexible and versatile, so can be shaped by applying custom questions to your remote workforce. However, to get you up and running in no time, the product covers all the necessary topics to ensure your lone workers are secure, healthy and productive.

Smart. Quick. Simple. Effective.

Secure data capture with reporting insights

Is it secure?

Absolutely. Data in motion between your lone worker and our servers is fully encrypted, meaning nobody can intercept data in transit. The makers of the product are GDPR Practitioner trained and have an ISO27001 information security management system in place.

How do I see the results?

Quickly. Line Managers and their Compliance Departments can access data insights into your home worker’s assessment within an analytical dashboard report. As an extension to the product, a secure web portal allows employers to instantly classify risks highlighted to them. Through using this strategy, it means any corrective actions put in place improves the health and safety of home workers, turning high risks into low risks. TAAP provides you with data insight to protect your lone workers.

Gain useful insights and maintain a smart and healthy workforce

Easy to Use Software

We offer dynamic, simple Employee Risk Assessment software, which can help drive safety, security and wellbeing best practice throughout your department and wider organisation.

Deep Insight Reporting

Our intuitive reporting tool, provided as standard, will make meaningful use of the complex data captured by your workforce.

Embraces Best Practice

Save time and money, and proactively uncover information that will make a powerful contribution to your employee’s wellbeing and business bottom line.

Reduces H&S Admin

Streamline everything from risk awareness by facts, risk classification and risk mitigation action plans leaving you with more time to concentrate on the strategic elements of your role.