The HETT Conference Welcomes TAAP Healthcare

2021 HETT Conference

The 2021 Healthcare Excellence Through Technology Conference (HETT) took place at the end of September. Aiming to deliver better patient experience and operational efficiencies, the show displayed a range of technologies that seek to drive more streamlined processes within the healthcare sector. Presenting at the event was one of our clients, a major London-based NHS trust. Internationally renowned for its work that covers five hospitals, a TAAP partner is one of their prime contractors; in turn, they contract us. As such, we were proud to attend their Operation Manager’s presentation which detailed the plethora of ways in which our no/low-code application continues to enhance and strengthen operations, uncovering a whole stream of added benefits along the way.

Successfully delivering the vaccination programme

Initially, this trust reached out for help with their vaccine management. Their then-existing vaccine project was failing, and the operations team were under pressure to find and implement a new system within an ever-tightening timeline. At the core of TAAP’s technology is speed and efficiency, in line with undisputed user-ease. We were able to quickly, but methodically, configure our vaccination management service to meet the requirements of the trust. This allowed the successful delivery of vaccinations to their 14,500 staff, all in just 10 working days, with employees becoming some of the first within the sector to receive their Covid-19 jabs.

Throughout their presentation, our client was keen to describe the simplicity and collaborative nature of working with TAAP. Our expert project team left no stone unturned when gathering requirements, transforming the lifecycle vision to user-acceptance testing within just a week.

Expectations, exceeded

This very true testament to the speed of our service snowballed the trust’s belief in our capabilities. The saying ‘two birds, one stone’ fast became more aligned with ‘dozens of birds, one stone’ as the operations department probed for other ways in which we could speed up and streamline processes.

TAAP’s no/low-code platform aids reductions in manual, arduous administrative tasks. The client quickly realised the benefits, including being able to reduce the numbers of administrative staff required to populate documents like spreadsheets, or generate reports. Operations could proactively decision-make as to where best redeploy employees during the coronavirus emergency. This foresight lessened recruitment efforts during an on-going crisis up against tightening budgets.

Improving the outpatient service

Other ways in which the trust have since utilised the TAAP platform include the successful digitalisation of their clinical out-patient appointment service. Using our Room Booking solution, they’ve been able to improve how clinical rooms are utilised and increasing appointment efficiency. Historically, coordinating new digital systems across five hospital campuses was an incredibly challenging task. Out-patient services are complex, often incorporating a variety of clinicians from a range of healthcare trusts. Difficulties lie in integrating sensitive data from a variety of sources, reducing the effectiveness of the service being offered.

What’s more, the switch to a totally new electronic platform is rather daunting in itself, not to mention when there’s just under 15k staff members involved who require training! So, when we were told that another of the trust’s existing digitalisation projects was not only behind schedule but engulfing budgets that were causing headaches within meetings, we accepted the challenge. The mobile and desktop interface the trust wanted was to be simple-to-use and easily implemented with minimal disruptions to both patient service and staff work lives.

The solution needed to be intuitive enough to digitise existing processes and roll-out successfully first-time. There was no room for error; emergency timescales across the estate needed meeting, urgently.

Alongside one of our prime contracting partners, we collaborated with the trust to develop and deliver a clinical room booking app in record time. The trust benefited from the support of one of our TAAP Consultants; together, the full team watched the emergence of bettered business processes.

The possibilities are endless

With data now flowing on TAAP, even more unforeseen benefits are coming to light. For instance, process bottlenecks became visible, and have since stopped hampering the complexities of dealing with physical assets.

HR systems that previously only gave access to employees with certain job titles – regardless of the function being carried out –  now employ TAAP’s no/low-code solution. This means the trust now has more intelligent control over the users of the outpatient service, reducing access restrictions to carry out simple applications like booking or assigning clinics.

From cross-campus use of clinical rooms to significant reductions in time spent on email correspondence and spreadsheets, the trust is revelling in operating in a far smoother and cost-effective manner. The trust can now work efficiently to reduce its backlog, with full visibility over operations. Notably, our client stated that one of the key success measurements of the trust’s management, patient pathway, has improved.

The next chapter of digital ambition

TAAP’s ability to digitalise systems within weeks to deliver immediate results and improvements has led the trust’s management to realise that digitalising processes, like room booking, on a trust-wide level is critical. Statistics are proving that TAAP’s platform is already providing the Trust a huge return on investment, significantly reducing the burden of operational budgets.

This is only the beginning. And this is only one of the 223 healthcare trusts in the UK. These tactical wins for the trust have excitedly allowed for the appointment of TAAP to explore ways to revitalise and digitalise other clinical and administration processes, too. In a sector continually constrained by time and money, we’ve never been prouder of the benefits of our platform to continue to inspire and excel digital ambition.

Get in touch with our expert team today to find out how your trust could be next to see significant change and improvement!