What is the Vaccination Management Service?

Vaccination Management Made Easy

The TAAP Vaccination Management Service provides a simple, flexible and easy to use web app for vaccination hubs to vaccinate recipients.

Supporting vaccination programmes is essential with mass vaccinations for Covid-19 in process.

The Vaccination Management Service is comprised of five selectable core modules.

- Self Registration
- Vaccination Form
- Vaccine Campaign Manager
- Reception Arrivals and Vaccinator Data Logging
- Patient Symptom Tracker

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The TAAP platform provides the perfect tool to cater to your vaccine management requirements.

End to End Efficiency

Simple Digitisation

The Vaccination Management Service provides a fully configurable service to ensure easy integration between TAAP and current processes.

From recipients self registering and completing necessary forms to recipients receiving their vaccine whilst staff record any symptoms using the Symptom Tracker feature - TAAP has it covered within the intuitive web app.

Vaccination Management Service Key Features and Capabilities

Symptom Tracking

Vaccination Form


Vaccine Booking




Appointment Set Up

Waiting List


Reporting and Insights

Vaccine Campaign

Self Registration

Simple Sign Up

Self registration is easy using the Vaccine Portal.

Recipients can access the Vaccine Portal using their email and SMS details for 2FA verification.

The Vaccine Portal is accessible on public internet therefore open to any organisations and public vaccination program requirements.

Vaccination Form

Quick Questions

Having registered, it is essential for consent to be given prior to receiving a vaccine.

The Vaccination Form provides this and can be configured to our clients end requirements and branding guidelines.

On application, the recipient can either book an appointment or they will be added to a waiting list depending on vaccine availability.

Vaccine Campaign Manager

Vaccines Managed

Vaccine Campaigns can be created for each dose/batch of Vaccine and Product Type.

The Vaccine Campaign Booking tracks doses to bookings and adds people to a waiting list once all vaccines have been used.

Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking controls ensures 1st and 2nd vaccine appointments are booked at the same time, potentially at different locations, each with their own contact plan.

Each booking will receive an email link to view and review their appointment.

If a booking is cancelled, this booking will be allocated to somebody else ensuring the efficiency of the vaccine roll out.


The Bulk Mailer Service allows people to be invited via email and SMS. The fully automated system requires no human interaction to automatically notify people when doses and appointments are available.

Reception Arrivals and Vaccinator Data Logging

Vaccines Managed

On arrival for their vaccine, recipients are flagged as arrived allowing the vaccinator to capture all required information prior to providing the vaccine.

Recording this data can assist in ensuring a safe, efficient vaccination process for an organisation.

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