About Us

Driving Digital Transformation

We deliver new and innovative ways to undergo digital transformation.

Our mission is to accelerate the application development lifecycle making it easier for organisations of any size and skill level to embrace digital transformation and knowledge centred engineering.

With a greater focus on the importance of data and AI, TAAP has been positioned to help organisations to embrace this technology at scale, allowing everyone to benefit, creating an IP & Knowledge centred EcoSystem of processes and standards that can be shared or traded to build upon the collective knowledge of humanity.

The intent is to deliver advances in the software and knowledge engineering ecosystem whilst ensuring that applications created eliminate maintenance costs, reduces technical debt, and delivers robust reliable solutions that can be run for as long as the application or process is required, eliminating the legacy application paradigm.

This is about changing the way systems are conceived and implemented for the better, and making this available to a wider audience of application builders, be that human or AI Bot machine centred engineers. 

TAAP is software engineered today for tomorrow’s future, helping humanity on its digital transformation journey.


We created the platform in 2003, using No-code technologies to deliver solutions for our clients. We have tested, used and deployed our technology into 56 Industries, 110+ Verticals and for over 220 different business and operational workflows. We have helped digital transformation and hyper agile development for some of the worlds largest know brands in multiple languages, on a global scale.

If you have decided you want to embrace No-Code as a technology then you need to assess which provider to utilise. At the time of writing there are over 450 No-Code / Low-Code products vendors, many narrowly focus on delivering superb functionality, or limited in their deployment configurations. Such as you can’t create private instances, they are specifically mobile, don’t work offline, or only run on iOS, or Android, not PC’s and Tablets etc.

TAAP The Agile Application has been focused on the build and delivery of No-code powered applications since 2003. We support all device form factors, operating systems, online and offline, integration to back end systems, hard real-time systems, third party integrations, custom extensions, and much more. We also support all non functional requirements from support version management, debugging, integration, instrumentation to help manage and deploy solutions at scale.

We have extensive experience of deploying this technology into every industry, vertical and in multiple languages. We don’t just provide the software, our own consultancy teams use it to deliver solutions that operate for the largest of global enterprises 24x7x365.

No Code is an extremely powerful technology. If you are adopting a platform then choose an organisation that has over 18 years of experience not only delivering and deploying this technology but using business best practices which ultimately is what makes digitalisation of data an advantage.

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