TAAP Accelerate

All You Can Build

TAAP Accelerate is a mature, proven No-Code platform

TAAP Accelerate is the product suite of features and capabilities that delivers the functional and operational capabilities of the platform.

It’s a SuperApp to start all digital transformation of business processes. The TAAP platform is more than just a platform to run apps, it is a fully functioning No-code application development environment for Citizen and or Pro Code developers.

Organisations now are looking to close the gap between development and business domain experts. The future is bringing domain experts and developers together to form fusion teams with the capability to design and build applications in a hyper agile way.

How to Access TAAP Accelerate

How to Create an Azure Account

How to deploy TAAP Accelerate

What is a TAAP Application?

A TAAP application is an application that has been created by a Citizen or Pro Code developer using TAAP’s No-code technology.

To run a TAAP Application you need to have your own version of the TAAP Accelerate platform. You can create an instance in the Cloud or we can deploy it self hosted as required to suit your specific operational requirements.

Next steps are choosing your business process you would like to digitise, with fully functional applications and templates in the TAAP Store you can be up and running in hours not months of development work.

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