The Platform

All You Can Build

TAAP Platform

The Platform is at the forefront of revolutionising how businesses develop, deploy, and manage applications.

It’s designed to fast-track the application development process, providing a comprehensive solution for hosting and running these applications without the traditional maintenance burdens or the buildup of technical debt.

Introducing TAAP Accelerate

Our flagship product, TAAP Accelerate, offers transformative capabilities to organisations looking to supercharge their digital transformation efforts. 

Accelerate combines a development environment with an application runtime platform, ensuring seamless creation and execution of TAAP applications.

Development Made Easy with Accelerate IDE

At the heart of TAAP Accelerate is the Accelerate IDE, a development framework designed for both simplicity and power. Here, applications are organized into Configurations, which can be standalone apps or components of larger systems. This environment supports:

The IDE is built for collaboration, allowing unlimited projects and configurations, multi-user editing, and conflict resolution.

Streamlined Application Runtime

The TAAP Application Runtime is a container-based model, isolating applications from underlying systems. This abstraction layer means applications can run consistently across different environments, from public clouds to on-premise installations, without traditional maintenance.

It’s designed to scale effortlessly, handling enterprise-level workloads with ease and integrating smoothly with other systems via standard protocols.

Why Choose TAAP Accelerate?

TAAP Accelerate is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive platform that merges an intuitive IDE with a robust runtime environment.

It’s crafted to accelerate the development lifecycle, from inception to deployment, helping businesses and IT professionals alike to deliver innovative applications faster and more efficiently.

Do more with TAAP ACE

TAAP ACE is an extension to TAAP Accelerate that can be used to machine generate applications. These apps are created in their own configuration containers and version managed. TAAP ACE can be used to drive enterprise standardisation, consistency, eliminate coding errors, and deliver hyper agility into any organisation that uses it, see TAAP ACE.