The Platform

All You Can Build

TAAP Platform

The TAAP platform is more than just a platform to run apps, it is a fully functioning No-code application development environment for Citizen developers and or Pro Code developers.

The TAAP platform hosts and runs TAAP Applications. These applications are created using TAAP’s No-code technology, you can create the apps you want, source, locate, or request No-code apps be developed and made available in the TAAP Store.

Applications development using the TAAP platform and development environment is conservatively ten times faster than traditional methods and approaches. It doesn’t require specialist developer knowledge. If you are a Pro Code developer you can do more faster, with smaller teams, reducing legacy maintenance and long term technical debts challenges.

You can build and run TAAP Applications for five, ten or more years, without legacy maintenance costs, only needing to change them if your business or operational requirements demand.

Our model of software is not for our clients to fit into our software but our platform to be adaptable and bespoke to our clients requirements, hence our “All You Can Build” model.

The TAAP Store is a catalogue of Open Business applications covering every kind of business capability you might require. You can download TAAP Applications from the store and run them on the TAAP platform. With TAAP you have access to all the No-code sources, giving you complete customisation to make changes that fit around your business needs.

You can also create a private instance in five minutes within the Cloud via supported Marketplaces, as well as self hosting the technology if operationally that is a necessary requirement.

TAAP Accelerate is the product suite of features and capabilities that delivers the functional and operational capabilities of the platform.

Platform Capabilities

We created the platform in 2003 and have proven, scaled and tested the technology for some of the worlds best know brands in multiple languages, and on a global scale.

Our consultancy team use the TAAP Accelerate No-code technologies to deliver solutions for our clients across 56 Industries, 110+ Verticals and for over 220 different business and operational workflows.

We have provided some high level capabilities of the platform to share the breadth of the functional and operational capabilities of the No-code technologies created below.

Our Controls

Platform Heritage

TAAP was formed by teams who had previously had experience in the deployment of large complex distributed business and mission critical applications. With decades of experience it was evident that there had to be a better way to build software solutions. 

Our software development journey is one of abstraction, simplification, and helping developers re-use more, simplifying complexity, reducing errors and doing more faster. We are now at a stage that applications can now be built using No-Code technologies not only easily, faster at a very competitive price point.

TAAP has specialised in the creation of No-code technologies, and we mean very specifically not Low-Code, but No Code! We make this assertion because there is very little point creating a No-Code technology that then requires Pro Code developers to build or finish the application.

No-Code First

We have been driving the No-Code first as an approach to creating applications using No-code with all the inherent benefits that this delivers, as it helps organisations to be more agile, responsive to operational and business change.

You may have developers within your business but why not free them up to focus on complex tasks and activities. No-Code doesn’t mean the end of traditional developers, quite the reverse, it means organisations can now afford to digitise not just one or two processes, but all processes within an organisation.

No-Code provides an opportunity for IT and the business to work more harmoniously together, IT supporting the business, and the business sandboxed with a safe and controlled manner where they can react to change without being dependant upon limited and constrained resource.

Fusion Teams

A mature No-code platform needs to deliver more than technology to create apps quickly. It needs to provide DevOps like support for version management, updates, releases of workflows and processes independently to each other, at a release cadence that the business requires, without impacting IT unnecessarily.

Fusion teams are functionally focused teams driving to deliver enterprise digital transformation. It’s a new way of working, building upon Waterfall, Hyper-Agile, ideation, brain storming, fail fast, learn, adapt, all to put data at the heart of an organisation. Leveraging data to derive actionable insights and make informed business decisions.

No-Code without governance and traditional business best practices around data can not be taken for granted.

We believe creating Fusion teams will be one of the many valuable changes for organisations to move quickly into the new hyper agile development cycle.

Do more on TAAP

TAAP is also continually adding new features and capabilities into the platform to build richer apps with more functional capabilities, Augmented Reality, Video Conferencing and much more besides. Create a Video Conferencing multi user collaborative application from scratch in less than 15 minutes, or download the template from the TAAP Store in 30 seconds and use straight away!