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If you have decided your organisation wants to embrace No-Code as a technology, you need to assess which provider to utilise. At the time of writing there are over 450 No-Code / Low-Code product vendors, many focus narrowly on delivering superb functionality, or are limited in their deployment configurations. For example, clients can’t create private instances; the product is mobile-only; the product doesn’t work offline, or only runs on a specific platform i.e. iOS or Android, not PCs and Tablets etc.

TAAP The Agile Application has been focused on the build and delivery of No-Code powered applications since 2003. We support all device form factors, operating systems, online and offline, integration to back end systems, hard real-time systems, third party integrations, custom extensions, and much more. We also support all non functional requirements from support version management, debugging, integration, instrumentation to help manage and deploy solutions at scale.

We have extensive experience of deploying this technology into every industry, vertical and in multiple languages. We don’t just provide the software, our own consultancy teams use it to deliver solutions that operate for the largest of global enterprises 24x7x365.

With fewer developers in the market today, Pro developers are now a bottle neck for delaying digital transformation projects on time. No-Code platforms like ours focuses on domain experts and citizen development. We believe No-Code software shouldn’t limit functionality or organisations to move into a hyper agile development culture.

No-Code is an extremely powerful technology. If you are adopting a platform, choose an organisation that has over 18 years of experience delivering and deploying this technology. TAAP use best practices to collate and store digital data so that it can be interpreted and analysed using tools and techniques which provide organisations with valuable insights into their operations.

With Gartner predicting by 2024 at least 65% of all new business applications will be created using citizen developers, now is the time to review how your business can leverage the power of No-Code technology.

C-Level Briefings

We don’t just talk about No-code we help organisations see this technology come to life using plain English but driven from the perspective of business and operational best practices.

No-Code does have its risks and without the right governance, fusion teams and best practices this technology could hinder if not implemented correctly to scale.

With over a decade of knowledge working with the largest known organisations, we make sure you don’t make the mistakes others have in the past.

TAAP runs workshops for C-Level management teams wanting to understand how their organisation can accelerate it’s digital transformation, reduce and re-structure its IT teams, and benefit from the Citizen developer wave, empower your staff and teams to embrace data and react more effectively. Contact TAAP if you would like to book a briefing session for your management team.

Do More on TAAP

TAAP is also continually adding new features and capabilities into the platform to build richer apps with more functionality, Augmented Reality, Video Conferencing and much more.

Create a Video Conferencing multi user collaborative application from scratch in less than fifteen minutes, or start with our template from the TAAP Store, in under a minute you have a fully functional application which just needs adapting to your needs.

GDPR Driven

Our team of GDPR qualified consultants, information security specialists and technology experts work with you to ensure solutions are delivered aligned with UK GDPR.

TAAP understand the value and importance of data for any organisation and how keeping it safe and secure is essential.

We work with you to understand what data is captured, why it needs to be captured, where it is stored and how it is processed.

Our solutions fit your business process whilst ensuring GDPR compliance.

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