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We have deployed solutions into 56 Industries, 110+ Verticals and for over 220 different business and operational workflows.

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Tesco donate over 50 million meals to over 7500 charities with TAAP

TAAP worked with Tesco to deliver the Food Donation Service integrating with Tesco's core services and significantly reducing food waste while supporting community programs.

£3 million savings in the first year with TAAP's Merchandising Solution

Significant cost savings and brand protection achieved through real-time stock updates and photo capture of display damage, optimising re-supply processes and maintaining brand image.

Haven Deployed a Nationwide Application in just 10 days

TAAP launched a mobile app to streamline the arrival process, offering real-time dashboards for enhanced insights and informed decision-making to improve guest experiences.

Boosting capacity and client satisfaction whilst reducing operational costs with TAAP

Through innovative digital transformation, VQS was able to enhance operational efficiency, improve data accuracy, and expand services with minimal manual intervention.

Complete Inspection Application rolled out to 15,000 users in 88 countries

Intertek reduced the time and complexity in generating inspection reports with TAAP's real-time e-reporting system, enabling instant report access enhancing efficiency and client service.

Increased Room Booking Time Saved and Room Utilisation Across NHS Trust

TAAP's digital room booking system automated the booking process, reduced administrative workload, and ensured critical care spaces were optimally utilised to meet patient care needs.

Driving Efficiencies For up to 500,000 Stand Checks per Event

REED Exhibitions work to ensure the safety of stands at events globally. Working with TAAP driving efficiency, simplifying extensive planning, scheduling and compliance process with digital oversight.

Reducing Claims Handling Time to under 24 hours

Optimisation of damage claims management for Ember Lathom's hire service, which integrated workflows from pre-delivery to invoicing, reduced claims handling time and eliminated paperwork.

Transforming Distribution: NewsPrinters' Innovative Logistics Solution

News experienced significant enhancements in distribution efficiency and accuracy, using tracking and SAP integration, leading to reduced customer disputes and improved service levels.

Enhancing Healthcare through Integrated Weighing Solutions: Marsden Weighing Group

Marsden leverage TAAP’s CRM for asset management, maintenance, sales, ensuring efficient scale maintenance, certification compliance, and enhanced client service.

Driving Efficiency and Sustainability at T&B Contractors

TAAP Visitor Book has been implemented to manage sign in procedures as well as supporting T&B's targets regarding social value and CO2.

Improving Charity Fundraising with TAAP Fundraiser and Contactless Payments

TAAP Fundraising provides charities the possibility to offer supporters a seamless contactless payment method, ensuring that donations, big or small, are never missed.
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