TAAP Calendar Application Service

Complete visibility of your business resources

Calendar Application Service

Our low code/no code platform exists to support calendaring and scheduling type services along with resource allocation and resource utilisation. TAAP works with our clients to deliver solutions that meet their operational requirements.

Our solutions delivered on this platform to date include the Vaccination Management Service, TAAP Room Booking and TAAP Desk Booking, each providing unparalleled features to offer ultimate operational efficiency.

Control Your Availability

Manage multiple locations in a central portal and harness flexibility and resource allocation with instant insight and detailed reports. Reduce no-shows with automatic reminders through email and SMS.

Vaccination Management Service

A simple, flexible and easy to use web app for vaccination hubs to help deliver vaccines more efficiently. Our agile technology can be quickly deployed to aid immediate vaccine rollouts.

TAAP Room Booking

Digitally transforming bookings to deliver next-level resource utilisation. Our technology provides complete visibility into room bookings, so businesses can streamline their resource provision.

TAAP Desk Booking

With Home and Office Hybrid working and downsizing of offices, the need for a hot desk booking service is ever present.

TAAP Desk Booking is an all-in-one digital desk booking solution that provides simple desk booking as well as providing real-time analytics for management.


No software downloads or specific hardware required, always accessible remotely, on any device


Adaptable to any size business


Managing all bookings in one central schedule

Resource Utilisation

Never let a resource go to waste


Automatic notifications and reminders across SMS and email

Powerful Reporting

Give your BI a boost

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