Vaccination Management Service

Simplifying Vaccine Administration

Vaccine Management Made Easy

Digitalising vaccine management processes for more effective administration and monitoring. Our easy-to-use web app solves the challenges often faced at vaccine hubs, to make the immunisation process more seamless, vaccinating those that need it first and providing continuity with booster appointments.

Our Service

Our application provides a suite of modules to support the process from end-to-end. The service is comprised of 5 modules;

Each module is designed to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Complete Efficiency

Our solution includes the creation of calendars with allocated booking slots against different locations and rooms to enable live availability. Instant confirmations and reminders can be sent to all recipients and bulk emails to those on the waiting list.

TAAP Vaccination Management Service increases process efficiency through optimised digital services and reduces operational costs with the elimination of paper processes.

Self Registration

Staff can access the Vaccine Portal to register using their email and SMS for 2FA

Vaccination Form

Easy to use vaccination sign up and consent form prior to any vaccinations commencing

Vaccination Campaign Manager

Seamless management of multiple vaccine campaigns


Create schedules for appointment slots

Email & SMS

Ready-made templates can be sent to recipients one day prior or the morning of the appointment

Vaccine Booking

Patients are able to book their own appointments, rather than being allocated slots

Symptom Tracker

Once recipients have been administrated their vaccine, staff can record any symptoms using the symptom tracking feature

UK GDPR Compliant

Improves data security with a fully encrypted digital solution

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