The Agile Application Platform

Use the Platform to create your own solutions using pre created templates and controls or work with TAAP and our consultants from solution creation to delivery, for project success.

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Our clients experience digital transformation outcomes 25x faster with smaller teams at less cost than traditional solutions

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All You Can Build.

Learn about the all of the capabilities of the TAAP Platform and available applications.


From Ideation to Delivery.

We provide a range of professional services to meet your requirements.


Applications and Templates.

Create your instance of the Platform and access the Open Business applications.


Our Platform provides digital transformation across 56+ industries, 110+ verticals enabling organisations to develop applications at pace.

About TAAP

The Agile Application Platform is designed to help organisations digitally transform business operations using No-Code Low-Code technology.

Created in 2003, the Platform has been deployed globally across 56+ industries, 110+ verticals and for over 220+ workflow processes, it’s proven, demonstrable and scales to meet your business needs.

The TAAP store hosts Open Business Applications. These are business processes digitised. We encourage Citizen Developers, No-Code App Builders to download example processes, fully functional applications or even make requests to the app factory team for new Open Business applications.

You have the freedom to create and build any business process by adapting TAAP Store templates or creating an application from scratch.

TAAP's No-Code Tools Have Been Recognised By Gartner® In The Hype Cycle™ For Digital Workplace Applications 2023

All You Can Build

The Platform allows app builders of all skill levels to bring ideas to life.

Business Domain Experts and Citizen Developers can benefit from the TAAP Store that contains templates and fully functional applications that can be used to learn how the platform can be utilised to create all that you can build.

As a Pro Code Developer, you’ll enjoy the power and flexibility that allow you to leverage your development experience with a No-Code Low-Code Platform.

Global Digitisation

How could No-Code Low-Code and Citizen Development change the way your organisation scales?