The Agile Application Platform

A platform for applications development for use by humans and AI, for accelerating digital transformation and knowledge working.

Our Agile Applications Platform, Accelerate, empowers you to build and deploy applications faster using our AI App Builder machine generating code in seconds.

Whether you're looking to innovate within the cloud, host on your own servers, or require an air-gapped environment, TAAP has you covered.

We redefine the way businesses and IT professionals approach application development.

Organisations of Every Size

TAAP's No-Code Tools have been recognised by Gartner® for Innovation in the Hype Cycle™ for Digital Workplace Applications 2023

What is TAAP?

TAAP stands for The Agile Applications Platform, technology designed to streamline the creation of software applications.

An Interactive Development Environment (IDE) allows app builders to create, test and deploy apps to run on the TAAP platform.

Applications created on TAAP using ACE are defined in a high level language called Accelerate, simplified for use by people with little or no programming skills, but equally powerful enough for professional programmers to build enterprise scale solutions.

The TAAP language by design was abstracted to make it easy for machine generation of apps by code generators, AI App Builders and humans. This level of abstraction is termed no code when compared to classic or conventional programming. Our platform is versatile, capable of being deployed to the cloud, your own hosted instance, or even in a fully self-hosted server environment, ensuring the highest levels of security.

How does it work?

TAAP Accelerate is our core product and is both the development environment and runtime execution engine. TAAP applications run in containers that abstract the execution context, be that a browser, mobile app, or device native application.

The TAAP container technology abstracts the underlying operating system and execution context eliminating maintenance cycles and reduces technical debt.

By minimising costly maintenance, reducing technical debt, and leveraging agile methodologies, we enable you to do more for less.

You can swiftly create your own instance in minutes through the Microsoft Marketplace and host it within the Microsoft Azure Cloud, an elastic hyperscale platform for the most demanding of organisations, however big or small you are.

With Single Sign On enabled by default this allows you to immediately leverage your existing investment in Microsoft technologies and rapidly build and deploy applications to enterprises of any size and scale, leveraging your existing your IT security policies and cyber security safeguards.

There are many different deployment options available to support the most demanding and secure of applications and enterprises.

The Advantages of Using TAAP

With TAAP, the complexities of software development are significantly reduced. Our platform is designed for users of all skill levels, allowing the creation of simple to enterprise-scale solutions, including mobile applications that function offline.

TAAP Accelerate in addition to providing a powerful WYSIWYG IDE for application development, and runtime capable of hosting and unlimited number of applications, has versioning and DevOps support integrated to ensure that the agile paradigm is reflected in the technology to minimise any downtime, and maximise operational resilience and operation on a global basis.

Rapid Deployment

Launch your applications faster than ever, with minimal setup time.


Build anything from basic apps to complex, AI-powered enterprise solutions.


Our platform simplifies the development process, making it accessible to professionals with varying levels of technical expertise.


Leverage pre-built templates and the ACE feature to rapidly prototype and deploy applications, dramatically reducing the learning curve and development time.

Support and Consultancy

Benefit from our expert consultancy services for training, architecture best practices, and more, ensuring a smooth start and ongoing success.

Future Ready

TAAP was designed to embrace smart system code generators, AI App Builders and human developers.

For the last 18 years the majority of the apps that have been built on TAAP have been built by domain experts, or subject matter experts, using no code technologies to accelerate applications development. 

The applications that have been created have been created faster, with smaller teams, with almost no maintenance and require very little ongoing support.

However using no code technologies, be you a domain expert, app builder enthusiast, junior programmer, or experienced veteran professional developer, there is a finite amount of time you must invest to create and edit the application you are building. 

This will be significantly less time and effort than using conventional programming languages, but you still have to invest time to create the app implementation.

To truly accelerate digital transformation, TAAP has created ACE which eliminates the implementation overhead of building applications. 

With an up front model design TAAP ACE can now implement and machine generate 90-95% of a bug free application in a few seconds.

TAAP ACE is an extension to the TAAP Accelerate platform, changing the shape of the Software Development Life Cycle, forward loading the investment in understanding the problem, automating the implementation process, reducing testing effort, and driving new hyper agile ways of working.

With an open API you can use TAAP’s ACE technology to build apps, or create your own apps using your own smart system code generators, or have AI App Builders utilise external functions to talk directly to TAAP Accelerate and build your apps using your own generative tooling.

Why would you target TAAP for your own AI App Builder? 

The TAAP Accelerate language is so abstracted and high level when compared to conventional programming it dramatically simplifies your ability to create your own AI App Builder services.

Why Choose TAAP?

For over 20 years, TAAP has been at the forefront of accelerated application development, servicing every industry sector and in multiple languages worldwide.

Our platform not only accelerates the development process but also ensures that your digital transformation journey is streamlined, consistent, and bug-free.

Digitise Faster

With TAAP, you can digitise more, faster, and with greater ease, all within a consistent framework that minimises maintenance and technical debt.

Whether you're a business looking to innovate or an IT professional seeking to streamline development processes, TAAP provides the tools, templates, and support needed to bring your digital vision to life.

TAAP Store

Applications created on TAAP can now be built incredibly quickly. This reduces the barrier for people and organisations to build apps, create IP, and potentially to resell or share the IP with whomever wants access to it.

The TAAP Store exists to make available Open Source Apps that can be download, amended and adapted for use by others.

This provides an eco-system of apps that can be easily built, shared and deployed, saving even more time, and know how.

Get Started Today

Embrace the future of application development with TAAP Accelerate. Visit us on the Microsoft Marketplace and begin your journey to faster, more efficient, and secure application development.

TAAP is not just a platform; it's your partner in digital transformation.


Our Platform provides digital transformation across 56+ industries, 110+ verticals enabling organisations to develop applications at pace.

All You Can Build

The Platform allows app builders of all skill levels to bring ideas to life.

Business Domain Experts and Citizen Developers can benefit from the TAAP Store that contains templates and fully functional applications that can be used to learn how the platform can be utilised to create all that you can build.

As a Pro Code Developer, you’ll enjoy the power and flexibility that allow you to leverage your development experience with a No-Code Low-Code Platform.

Do More, Faster, At Less Cost

Our clients experience digital transformation outcomes 25x faster with smaller teams at less cost than traditional solutions