TAAP Fundraiser

The new way to donate

Revolutionising your fundraising processes to keep up with the latest donating trends

TAAP Fundraiser and TAAP Regular Giving have been configured in collaboration with charities to support all fundraising activities.

One key focus of our solutions is to maximise Gift Aid opportunity regardless of the fundraising mechanism.

See how TAAP can support your fundraising processes.

TAAP Contactless

A contactless solution built for fundraising

There has been an ever-growing trend towards card payments and mobile payments using digital wallet services. Taking the trend into account and the advice that we need to be “COVID safe”, less and less transactions are made with cash.

Card payments account for over 51% of all transactions, our solution means charities never have to miss out on a donation opportunity.

TAAP Contactless

The fast and easy way to donate

The TAAP Fundraiser solution runs on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices and is fully integrated with a contactless payment reader. It enables the charity to accept contactless, mobile digital wallet services, chip and pin and cash payments.

The solution works in two ways:
1 – The ability to take a donation and Gift Aid it
2 – Rapid payment “tap & go” – good for high footfall, fast-paced environments

Aside from the simplicity of taking donations, management have access to a portal where they can manage users and donations and gain real-time statistics. With permission, charities can build a marketing database for further fundraising efforts.

Our solution is available from £37.50 per month. Once your hardware arrives, open the box and start fundraising.

TAAP Regular Giving

Supporting a consistent stream of donations

The TAAP Regular Giving solution enables charities to register donors for regular donations via direct debit in a swift, secure and GDPR compliant way.

The fundraising portal enables access to real-time data. Users can set up locations, teams, and view donations by filter. Captured data, subject to opt-in permissions can be used by the charity for future marketing campaigns to support donor retention and brand awareness.

The solution verifies data entry points such as bank account information, address, phone numbers and ensures mandatory fields are completed. This reduces error in data collection, meaning direct debits can be set up upon initial data collection, increasing donor acquisition while reducing attrition.

The solution can be configured to support the charity’s branding continuing the Donor experience of your specific charity.


The device is fully locked down to prevent misuse and data over usage


Managed Support

Fully-managed support included

Donor Database

View all your donor stats and generate campaigns for future donations

Speed & Simplicity

The intuitive interface means users are up and running in seconds

Workflow Processes

Mandatory data capture and guided process

All Inclusive Fundraising Package

A single monthly payment for all features

UK GDPR Compliant

Increase value of each donation by 25%

Gift Aid

Increase value of each donation by 25%

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