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£3 million savings in the first year with TAAP's Merchandising Solution

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Significant cost savings and brand protection achieved through real-time stock updates and photo capture of display damage, optimising re-supply processes and maintaining brand image.


Retail Operations: A Mobile Merchandising Solution


In the fast-paced retail sector, maintaining optimal stock levels and ensuring the quality of display and merchandising cabinets are crucial for brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Recognising the need for an innovative approach to these challenges, a retail company invested in a mobile merchandising solution aimed at transforming how merchandisers manage stock and maintain display standards in stores.


The traditional method of monitoring stock levels and assessing the condition of displays was manual, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Merchandisers had to physically visit sites, check stock levels, and report back on any issues or damages to merchandising cabinets, leading to delays in restocking and repairing damaged displays. This inefficiency not only impacted sales but also risked damaging the brand’s reputation due to poorly maintained in-store presentations.


With a strategic investment of £16,000, the company deployed a mobile application that enabled merchandisers to visit sites and use mobile devices to update stock levels and re-supply needs in real-time. The app also included a feature for photo capture, allowing merchandisers to immediately document and report any damage to display cabinets. This real-time reporting capability streamlined the process of maintaining stock levels and ensuring displays were always in good condition.


The introduction of the mobile merchandising solution had a profound impact on the company’s operations and finances. In its first year of implementation, the solution saved the company £3 million by reducing the need for unnecessary re-supplies, saving on ingredients, power, and time. Furthermore, it played a critical role in protecting the brand by ensuring that merchandising cabinets were always maintained in excellent working order, thus enhancing the in-store experience for customers.


This case study demonstrates the significant benefits of leveraging technology to enhance retail operations. The mobile merchandising solution not only delivered substantial cost savings but also improved operational efficiency and brand integrity. By adopting this innovative approach, the company set a new standard in retail merchandising, showcasing the potential of mobile technology to transform traditional retail practices.

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