Case Study

Digital Transformation in Construction: Driving Efficiency and Sustainability at T&B Contractors

April 26, 2024

T&B Contractors



For over four decades, T&B Contractors have forged a reputation as a trusted construction partner for some of the UK’s leading public and private organisations throughout the south-east of England.

With a rich local heritage, we proudly employ 100 staff who have supported our growth and success as a leading £50m turnover SME main building contractor that undertakes construction, refurbishment and fit-out works.


Driving Digital Sign In


T&B Contractors, a prominent name in the construction industry, grappled with traditional manual systems for employee sign-in and timesheet management. As environmental stewardship became a critical focus, the company was measured on its carbon footprint and needed to maintain carbon neutrality for its suppliers. Furthermore, there was a requirement to report on social value and CO2 emissions comprehensively.


The key challenges T&B Contractors faced included:

  • Inefficient manual sign-in and timesheet systems that were not only time-consuming but also prone to errors.
  • An urgent need to implement a system capable of monitoring and reporting the carbon footprint of employees commuting to sites.
  • The necessity to collect and analyse data on the primary mode of transport and starting locations of employees to calculate rough mileage to work sites, fulfilling compliance and environmental responsibility.


The solution provided was the TAAP Visitor Book, a robust application tailored to meet the specific needs of T&B Contractors. This digital tool incorporated several critical data fields such as:

  • Mode of Transport: Options like passenger vehicle, train, bus, cycle, walk.
  • Vehicle Type: Categories included car, goods vehicle under 3.5 tons, and goods vehicle over 3.5 tons.
  • Fuel Type: Including petrol, diesel, electric.
  • Distance to Site: Replacing the need for manual mileage calculations and facilitating automatic estimations.

The system was deployed across twenty locations, ensuring widespread adoption and utility.


The implementation of TAAP Visitor Book had several significant impacts:

  • Efficiency: Automated sign-in processes replaced manual systems, offering real-time visibility of personnel movements on and off the site.
  • Accuracy: Enhanced data collection allowed for precise monitoring of carbon emissions and helped maintain the company’s commitment to carbon neutrality.
  • Compliance: Digital acceptance of site policies ensured a verifiable compliance trail, with personal data retained for quicker subsequent visits.
  • Cost-effective: The ability to add additional fields and adapt to the company’s evolving needs without extensive redevelopment represented significant cost savings.


T&B Contractors successfully transitioned from manual systems to a sophisticated digital platform that not only streamlined operations but also supported their environmental and social governance goals.

TAAP Visitor Book became an integral part of their operations, demonstrating the power of digital transformation in meeting contemporary business challenges and compliance requirements.

The relationship cultivated with TAAP, characterised by consistent contact and understanding of T&B’s unique needs, was pivotal in the adoption and success of the solution.

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