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Driving Efficiencies For up to 500,000 Stand Checks per Event

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Reed Exhibitions

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REED Exhibitions work to ensure the safety of stands at events globally. Working with TAAP driving efficiency, simplifying extensive planning, scheduling and compliance process with digital oversight.

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The TAAP Team deployed the Stand Check Solution with Reed across 70-80 major shows annually. 


Streamlining Event Management: The SCS Solution for REED Exhibitions


REED, a leading global events organiser, run 70-80 major shows annually, requiring meticulous planning and coordination. The extensive preparation for each event, including scheduling, exhibitor coordination, and safety compliance, can begin 24-36 months in advance. With each exhibitor or stand undergoing 50 to 160 checks, the management process was incredibly complex and demanding.


The vast number of checks needed for each event created a logistical challenge, resulting in millions of emails exchanged between organisers, exhibitors, and safety officers. The traditional process of manually chasing exhibitors for information and ensuring compliance with safety regulations was inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to errors. This manual system placed a significant strain on resources, making it difficult to maintain high standards of organisation and safety.


To address these challenges, REED implemented the SCS (Show Compliance System), a comprehensive event management solution designed to streamline the process of exhibitor coordination and safety compliance. SCS facilitated the automation of information gathering, tracking of compliance checks, and issuance of permits to build. Remarkably, the system enabled just two event organisers to control an event, regardless of its size, which could range from 20,000 to 500,000 checks.

The SCS platform allowed for real-time review of on-site drawings and agreements, significantly reducing the need for back-and-forth communication. By centralising data and automating the compliance process, SCS dramatically reduced the workload involved in managing communications and ensuring each stand met the required safety and operational standards.


The implementation of the system transformed REED’s event management process. By enabling a more efficient and streamlined approach, REED could ensure a higher level of organisation, safety compliance, and exhibitor satisfaction with significantly reduced manual effort. The ability of just two organisers to manage extensive checks and communications for events of any size not only optimised operational efficiency but also allowed REED to allocate resources more effectively, enhancing the overall quality and safety of their shows.


The SCS solution showcases the power of technology in transforming the event management industry. For REED, adopting the SCS system meant not only a reduction in labor-intensive processes but also an improvement in compliance, efficiency, and event quality. This case study exemplifies how innovative solutions can address complex logistical challenges, setting a new standard for event organization and management.

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