Case Study

Enhancing Healthcare through Integrated Weighing Solutions: Marsden Weighing Group's Partnership with the NHS


Marsden Weighing



Marsden offers to the healthcare industry, leveraging TAAP’s CRM for asset management, maintenance, sales, ensuring efficient scale maintenance, certification compliance, and enhanced client service.

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TAAP provide a holistic sales, finance, fulfillment and maintenance Service.


Marsden’s Partnership with the NHS


Marsden Weighing Group, a leader in the medical weighing industry, has established itself as a pivotal supplier and maintenance provider for over 55% of the NHS’s weighing scales. Their commitment extends beyond their own products to include those of competitors, demonstrating a unique approach to healthcare support.


The management of such a vast inventory of scales, each with its specific certification and compliance requirements, presented a complex challenge. Ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and compliance of these critical medical devices across all UK’s NHS Trusts required an innovative solution. Furthermore, the need for a seamless integration between sales, finance, fulfilment, and maintenance services demanded a sophisticated management tool.


Marsden Weighing Group adopted TAAP’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, a move that revolutionised their asset management and maintenance operations. The CRM system holds a comprehensive asset register, including details of each scale’s certification and compliance status. This system supports both reactive and planned maintenance programs, enabling Marsden’s engineers to efficiently visit sites, conduct repairs, calibrations, and ensure the scales are accurately located within the facilities.

Moreover, the integration of TAAP’s CRM into Marsden’s sales and marketing functions has created a holistic service model. This integration provides Marsden with a 360-degree view of their operations, enhancing decision-making, client service, and operational efficiency.


The implementation of TAAP’s CRM has significantly improved Marsden Weighing Group’s service delivery to the NHS and private hospitals. By offering a fully integrated approach to sales, finance, fulfilment, and maintenance, Marsden has streamlined its operations, ensuring high levels of accuracy and compliance in medical weighing. This comprehensive service model has not only solidified Marsden’s position as a key player in the medical equipment sector but also supported the NHS’s commitment to patient care through reliable and precise weighing solutions.


Marsden Weighing Group’s case study exemplifies the power of innovative CRM integration in solving complex operational challenges. Through their partnership with TAAP and commitment to excellence, Marsden has enhanced healthcare delivery by providing reliable, compliant weighing solutions, demonstrating the critical role of integrated technology in supporting the health sector.

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