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Reducing Claims Handling Time to under 24 hours

February 13, 2024



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1000+ employees


Starting in 1981, Northgate has grown to be the UK’s largest B2B light commercial vehicle rental and mobility solutions provider. Their mission is to give businesses the reliable vans they need with minimum fuss.

Software and Services

Optimisation of damage claims management for Ember Lathom’s vehicle hire service, which integrated workflows from pre-delivery to invoicing, reduced claims handling time and eliminated paperwork.


Transforming Damage Claims Management: Vehicle Damage Manager


Ember Lathom, a division known for being the most successful and profitable within its parent company, faced significant challenges in managing damage claims for its vehicle hire service. The process was cumbersome, slow, and inefficient, with a reliance on paper-based systems that led to delays and increased overheads.


The primary issue was the lengthy and complex process of handling damage claims, which included pre-delivery inspections, handovers, collections, refurbishments, repairs, and invoicing. This traditional approach resulted in prolonged resolution times, excessive use of paper, and a substantial administrative burden, ultimately affecting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


To address these challenges, Ember Lathom implemented the Vehicle Damage Manager, an innovative solution designed to streamline the entire damage claims process. This system was integrated with the existing vehicle hire service workflows, enabling a seamless transition from one stage to the next. By automating the process, the Vehicle Damage Manager significantly reduced the time to handle claims to less than 24 hours, aligning with industry Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The solution eliminated the need for paper-based processes, reducing administrative overhead and contributing to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the streamlined approach facilitated a faster turnaround on damage claims, enhancing customer service and satisfaction.


The introduction of the Vehicle Damage Manager had a profound impact on Ember Lathom’s operations. Within just a 16-week trial period, the system proved so effective that it became fully operational within three days of launch. The new process not only met industry SLAs but also generated over £1 million in claims cash flow, marking a significant improvement in financial performance.

By moving to a digital and automated system, Ember Lathom not only improved operational efficiency but also demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by eliminating paper waste. The success of the Vehicle Damage Manager positioned Ember Lathom as a leader in innovative damage claims management, setting a benchmark for excellence in the vehicle hire industry.


Ember Lathom’s Vehicle Damage Manager exemplifies how digital transformation can solve traditional business challenges, improve financial outcomes, and enhance customer experience. This case study highlights the potential of integrating technology with existing services to streamline operations, reduce environmental impact, and achieve significant gains in efficiency and profitability.

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