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Tesco Donate Over 50 million Meals to over 7500 Charities with TAAP

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Tesco is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer, recognised as one the worlds largest retailers with stores across Europe and Asia, offering a wide range of products and services to meet consumer needs.

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The TAAP Team deployed the Food Donation Solution with Tesco to over 3000 stores nationwide.


Food Donation Service


In an ambitious effort to tackle food waste and alleviate hunger, a pioneering food donation service was conceptualised with the goal of harnessing technology to streamline the donation process. The initiative was rolled out across the UK and Ireland, marking a significant step forward in corporate social responsibility and sustainability.


Food waste remains a critical global issue, with millions still facing food insecurity. The logistical challenges of coordinating donations from over 1,800 large format stores to charities required an innovative solution. The service aimed to not only reduce food waste but also ensure that surplus food reached those in need promptly and efficiently.


Within a month from concept to launch, the food donation service was deployed, training 37,000 staff members to facilitate the program. The system was designed for scale, aiming to expand to 3,300 stores by the end of 2017. Utilising a real-time system, the service operates within a tight 2-3 hour window across all participating stores, ensuring that food donations are managed effectively.

The service is fully integrated with Tesco’s Price, Product, and Waste services, allowing for deep integration and seamless operation. This enables real-time tracking and management of food items suitable for donation, ensuring that surplus products are quickly identified and redirected to charitable organisations.


The initiative has made a profound impact, donating over 50 million meals and currently operating at a monthly run rate of 2.5 million meals. Every day, it coordinates with 7,500 charities, demonstrating the scalability and effectiveness of the system. The service not only contributes to significant reductions in food waste but also plays a crucial role in supporting communities and individuals facing food scarcity.


The Food Donation Service demonstrates how technology and collaboration can address complex societal challenges. By integrating real-time data and logistics with a commitment to social responsibility, it has established a sustainable model for food donation that benefits both the environment and society.

This case study serves as a testament to the potential of innovative solutions to transform the landscape of food donation and hunger relief.

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