Case Study

Transforming Distribution: NewsPrinters' Innovative Logistics Solution

February 19, 2024

News Printers

Customer Size

500+ employees


Newsprinters’ vision is to work collaboratively with publishers for mutual sustainability and benefit.

Software and Services

The TAAP Team deployed the Food Donation Solution with Tesco to over 3,300 stores nationwide.


Logistics Solution


NewsPrinters, a leading printing and distribution firm, is at the forefront of delivering major publications such as The Times and The Sun, along with third-party products like Hello and Ok magazines, directly to retailers and consumers. Operating 24x7x365, the company faced the challenge of modernising its logistics to improve accuracy, reduce disputes, and enhance service levels.


The traditional paper-based system for managing deliveries was inefficient, prone to errors, and lacked transparency, leading to customer disputes and challenges in service level monitoring. Furthermore, the absence of real-time tracking made it difficult to optimise routes and ensure timely deliveries, especially critical in the fast-paced news industry.


To address these challenges, NewsPrinters implemented a cutting-edge delivery application integrated with GPS tracking to ensure accuracy and reliability in their distribution process. This digital transformation included live mapping and tracking of logistics teams, providing unprecedented visibility into the delivery process. The solution was seamlessly integrated with SAP, offering an end-to-end logistics management system that eliminated paper-based processes and enabled real-time service level monitoring.


The implementation of the GPS-tracked delivery application revolutionised NewsPrinters’ distribution operations. By providing direct-to-retailer and direct-to-consumer services with enhanced precision and transparency, the company significantly reduced customer disputes and improved overall service levels. The live tracking capability allowed for more efficient route planning, ensuring timely deliveries across all serviced areas. The integration with SAP further streamlined operations, from order management to delivery, creating a cohesive and efficient logistics workflow.


NewsPrinters’ logistics solution set a new standard in the distribution of print media, demonstrating the power of technology to transform traditional operations. The shift to a digital, GPS-enabled system not only improved operational efficiency but also strengthened the company’s commitment to service excellence. This case study exemplifies how innovative logistics solutions can provide competitive advantages in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

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