TAAP Discovery

Agile Digital Transformation

Agile Approach

We understand that businesses may not know the scope of what they require, that is why we offer a Discovery session completely free.

The in-depth sessions led by our consultants focus on working with you to understand the breadth of your requirements. It’s not just big picture thinking either, we use real applications a hyper-agile approach to demonstrate the potential of our technology to meet your full requirements.

Scoping, Analysis and Design Phase

After the discovery session, our team will work with you to specifically scope the size and scale of the work. Our scoping sessions only cost £1,750+VAT.

Analysis and Design

Now it’s time to conduct a deep drive on the agreed scope of work from the previous phase, where documents are processed in detail with a full report provided on the solution. This can include functional components/wireframes/data models/further prototypes – possibly database design or integration specs if required. This provides the build blocks needed to create a blueprint for a solution to be built.

Build Phase

Once the concept and specifications have been agreed upon, we can bring these ideas into reality. The TAAP technology provides a template and framework against which applications can be shaped, built and delivered.

We take a phased approach that is risk managed throughout utilising our no-code technology, which can drastically reduce development time.


In the phase, we manage the implementation of strategy, determined in scoping. We are an extension of your team and maintain good relationships with clients to continue as a “trusted advisor”.

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