Enterprise Remote Video Inspection; Powered by TAAP

January 29, 2024

What is Remote Video Inspection?

Reacting to the demands of the Enterprise which in itself has had to balance vastly different working conditions whilst still satisfying customer expectations, TAAP’s No Code platform has kept pace and facilitated the changes necessary to ensure smooth process evolution.

Integrated Remote Video on Demand

One such area has been in the implementation of remote video on demand, built into the end to end process fabric of the platform. Such an example is one of TAAP’s Enterprise clients that provide Business Assurance on a global basis to the energy sector. This client provides inspectors and engineers to oversee manufacturing and production testing of some of the largest projects within the Energy Sector. Traditionally, this degree of assurance and risk management meant they would have QA Engineers watching Inspectors testing equipment, all conducted onsite.

As a result of the travel ban, Remote Video Inspection has come to the fore in order to allow and permit these critical infrastructure projects to continue. To meet this shift in working practice, TAAP extended the inspection process to include Remote Video and audio Inspection as a core platform capability, taking advantage of more effectively managing the network topology to provide the best or optimal bandwidth over low latency/bandwidth networks and from remote locations around the world.

Extending the Reach of Digital Inspections

The TAAP Remote Video Inspection module embellishes its already comprehensive suite of digital inspection capabilities by invoking live-streamed audio-video conferencing as well as allowing advanced features such as document sharing, camera zoom, on-screen chat, and screen captures and annotations on any iOS or Android smart device with an in-built camera (smart phone or tablet).

The remote inspection team then permit the onsite individual to participate in a secure “virtual room” to collaborate and to which other parties will connect. The Audio and video feeds are encrypted using the universal Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption. The client’s technical expert, other relevant employees and third parties who are either on-site at the facility or off-site in an office or home will have multi-party communication during the remote inspection so that they may direct the personnel located at the facility to look at, move or focus on another piece of equipment as necessary.

The introduction of the TAAP Remote Video Inspection capabilities have resulted in a marked increase in efficiency for customers and inspectors, with business continuity remaining in place. Inspections can continue regardless of vendor site access or travel restrictions. RVI has considerably reduced travel costs and travel fatigue with the ability of inspections being carried out more frequently even in the remotest of locations.

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