Automating store processes to increase productivity

Supporting digital transformation of in store processes to enhance customer experience

Collaborative working with you as industry experts and TAAP as digital transformation experts to provide solutions to precisely fit your processes.

Our Retail Platform can be configured to support your processes from food waste through to daily audit and compliance checks that ensure your stores are safe for both employees and customers whilst enhancing the customer experience.

Real Time Visibility of Audit, Compliance and Legal Checks

Configure your audit, compliance and legal checks to comply with your ways of working across all departments within your stores from back door through to counters, checkouts and petrol filling stations.

Real time process visibility enabling an immediate response to the unexpected and ensuring in store colleagues are compliant with critical processes safeguarding customers and staff.

Work Task Management

Assign and track actions using your rules and logic to support the ways in which you work.

Ensure stores are safe and fully compliant whilst sustaining productivity and maintaining customer experience.

View Trends, Gain Valuable Insights

View in real time, stores compliance with full traceability for audit purposes and utilise BI analytics tools for data analysis to view real-time dashboards, view trends and gain insights.

Supports data driven country wide or store specific business decisions for proactive resource allocation to help reduce costs, ensure compliance and protect your brand reputation.

Fighting Food Waste

In the UK, 6.7 million tonnes of food is wasted every year, with totals to the cost of £10.2 billion. Our solution is enabling stores to effectively donate their surplus.

TAAP’s InStore Food Surplus has been in use for many years in some of the UK’s largest supermarkets. It provides a waste management solution in partnership with charitable distribution organisations, so charities can be alerted when food is available for donation, so that it can distributed to those that need it.

Our cloud-based solution can integrate with existing hardware and back office Product, Price and Waste systems to support your waste routines and ensure accurate reporting.

Take your Fleet Maintenance Paperless

Our solutions are not restricted to inside your store either. Lorries and other vehicles are critical assets to any retail chain, they keep the food moving.

By digitising your vehicle check processes on TAAP, drivers are able to quickly and efficiently complete their daily checks, capturing and annotating photos providing real time visibility and an audit trail.

Alert based rules can be added to support management decisions for any vehicle damage and repairs that need to be actioned to the fleet maintaining productivity.

A Simple Sign-In Solution

TAAP Visitor Book

A contactless sign-in and out solution for all your stores, offices, distribution centres and warehouses.

Visitor Book is low cost, with no additional hardware required can be up and running within 10 minutes for employees, contractors and visitors on site.

On sign in, visitors can be prompted to read and accept site specific policies and procedures always ensuring safety for all.

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Our platform provides end-to-end process excellence. Already trusted by leading automotive companies, we have developed hundreds of processes.

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