Supply Chain Management

Bespoke supply chain solutions meeting your varying and specific needs delivered on our Platform

Digital solutions to help get your products and services into the hands of your customer

Our Platform is enabling our clients within Distribution & Logistics, Retail, Automotive and more to be agile, flexible, scalable, and sustainable to meet end customers ever changing needs.

Reduce expensive and time consuming changes required for legacy systems. Easily abstract your corporate processes and create value in digitising on TAAP.

Dynamic Route Planning and Route Optimisation

TAAP understand the importance of vehicle movements within supply chain management. We’ve worked with our clients to streamline their logistics processes before a driver even steps foot in their vehicle.

Routes can be dynamically calculated based on addresses for the most efficient route to ensure drivers meet key SLAs delivering the goods on time in the most cost effective way. Routes can be recalculated based on location or, split and sent between drivers to mitigate the risk of incomplete journeys and customer dissatisfaction.

Proof of Delivery and Returns

Proof of Delivery and Returns are critical processes for our clients. We have collaborated and digitised these processes to ensure our clients are streamlined and efficient.

Workflow rules, GPS tracking and digital signatures drive compliance and efficiency as drivers are guided through the delivery process based on rules tailored to your processes which means more time can be spent delivering against SLAs.

Photo and video capture ensures customer queries can be solved quickly reducing administrative burden when handling disputes whilst enhancing end client relationships through process transparency.

Customer Service

TAAP understand how important customers are to us and how the same follows your industry.

We have worked with our supply chain customers on their customer experience processes which includes enabling real time two-way communication between customer service and delivery drivers to help ensure customer satisfaction.

Delivery Process

Digitising the delivery process allows for drivers to view the most efficient route, access additional information for their deliveries and ensures compliance for POD all on a simple, easy to use app.

Reduce time training, ensure SLAs are met and view real time data for actionable insights.

Dashboard Reporting

Data is at the core of what TAAP do. We work with our clients to show the value of data within dashboard reporting.

Reporting provides access to real time visibility of drivers’ delivery status, KPI and SLA tracking, POD records, feedback analytics, client reporting and planned vs actual routes through the use of GPS locations. These enable our clients to streamline process, reduce costs and develop customer relationships.

Unlock the power of your data.

SLA Management

Control profit associated to jobs with a real-time view of costs of assigned resources, assets and 3rd party suppliers. We work with you to drive 6 SIGMA and lean methodologies to optimize revenues and drive profit.

Monitor your finances including CAPEX and OPEX providing visibility of inbound and outbound costs which can be used within business intelligence to facilitate fraud detection and prevention.

Want to see more?

Already trusted across multiple industries, TAAP have supported the digitisation of hundreds of supply chain processes.

Here are just a few more.
Asset Tracking

Keep track of your assets throughout the supply chain.

Data is at the heart of any organisation, with TAAP’s BI expertise and your industry knowledge, we can help bring your data to life.

Where core systems are unavailable, TAAP can keep your operations running.

The implementation of a solution with alerts that warns if an SLA is missed, this will assist in reducing the impact of further SLA’s being missed.


Push real-time updates to your customers via SMS or email


Offline Working

Work can be carried out anywhere, anytime without the need for a signal


Cross Platform

All solutions are compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices

Route optimisation

Integrated mapping technology optimises routes for deliveries

Photo & Video Capture

Capture high-quality images and annotate them to highlight damage

Reporting & Insights

Generate PDF inspection reports and utilise data analytics tools for real-time dashboards

Standardised Integration

Easily integrate with back-office applications and 3rd party services

Job Planning & Dynamic

Assignments of workload to your employees

If you do not see a process here that you may need digitising, get in touch!