UK Ports

Streamline operations, reduce cost, optimise processes

Driving Digitisation

Supporting asset integrity inspections including workflow rules ensuring inspections are completed in compliance with regulatory standards.

With the ability to see history of asset depreciation over time and analyse data across all inspections for proactive decision making.

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Photo & Video Capture

Capture high quality images and annotate them to highlight damage

Standardised Integration

Easily integrate with your back office applications and third party services

Any Device

No specific hardware required, it works on any device


Utilise GPS positioning within processes

Real Time Visitor Tracking

TAAP Visitor Book for visitor management and timesheet reconciliation

GDPR Compliant

Visitors details are safe and secure aligned with GDPR

TAAP are a member of the UKHMA

As a member of the UK Harbour Masters’ Association, we’re dedicated to supporting port and harbour users and marine professionals on their digital transformation processes.

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