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Collaborative working with you as industry experts and TAAP as digital transformation experts to provide solutions to precisely fit your processes.

Our Automotive Platform enables your processes from lead capture and marketing through to vehicle inspection services and accounting to be easily digitised.

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Business Benefit on TAAP

Vehicle Movements and Collections

One of the key processes for our clients is the movement and collection of vehicles.

Digitisation allows for tendering of movements and collections for best price quotes, inspections at the point of collection and drop off, proof of delivery, invoicing and many more processes which result in reducing costs, providing real-time visibility and ensuring accountability.

See how TAAP can help with your vehicle movements and collection processes.

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Vehicle Inspection

Quality real-time reporting is at the centre of vehicle inspections. We work with you to digitise your vehicle inspections helping ensure quality is present throughout the inspection process.

Drive the inspector process compliance through streamlined validated data capture of interior and exterior checks, loose items, defect assessments, damage photo capture and much more to meet your inspection process requirements and outputs needed for your clients.

Reduce time training and manual data entry allowing inspectors to be more efficient and effective helping reduce overall inspection costs.

Remote Video Vehicle Inspection

Working with the Automotive industry to align to new ways of working allowed TAAP to utilise our digital expertise to develop remote video vehicle inspection.

Remote video vehicle inspections supporting a structured process enables video conferencing and advanced features such as document sharing, camera zoom, on-screen chat, screen capture and annotations to your inspectors and experts who can complete inspections remotely.

This can significantly reduce your inspection cost through reduced travel and expenses and helps increase revenues through additional inspection throughput and reduced logistics planning costs.


Planning & Scheduling

Our Automotive clients look for solutions which reduce administation, reduce cost, improve productivity and end customer satisfaction.

Digitising the planning & scheduling process allows for automated route optimisation and navigation services for vehicle inspections, movements and resource planning.

Events and Marketing

TAAP understand how important our customers are to us and how the same follows for the Automotive industry. Ensuring a smooth customer journey from lead capture to brochure requests and test drives helps increase brand awareness and sales conversions.

Your end to end events and marketing processes can be digitised with TAAP, providing real time data analytics, accurate data capture and ensuring GDPR compliance to support your targeted marketing activities.

Financial Management

Control profit associated to jobs with a real-time view of costs of assigned resources, assets and 3rd party suppliers. We work with you to drive 6 SIGMA and lean methodologies to optimize revenues and drive profit.

Monitor your finances including CAPEX and OPEX providing visibility of inbound and outbound costs which can be used within business intelligence to facilitate fraud detection and prevention.

Want to see more?

Our platform provides end-to-end process excellence. Already trusted by leading automotive companies, we have developed hundreds of processes.

Here are just a few more.

If you don’t see a process here that you may need digitising, get in touch!


  • No more manual entry and risk of human error
  • Integrate with legacy back office systems or third party systems to unify your data and automate your processes
  • Extend life of current systems
  • Reduce costs and improve margins

Management Reporting

Data is at the heart of any organisation, with TAAP’s BI expertise and your industry knowledge, we can help bring your data to life.

  • Real time actionable insights to support key business decisions
  • Differentiate with the ability to provide data transparency for your end customers where required to help maintain customer satisfaction and retention
  • Dashboards provide real time visibility of performance KPIs, SLA performance along with any other reporting requirements

Dealer Financial Audit

  • TAAP can provide a bespoke finance audit solution meeting your specific requirements
  • Digitising paper based methods and replacing audit systems commonly supported by spreadsheets and email, a TAAP solution will help your business reduce unnecessary administration and connect directly to your back office business systems (ERP/ Finance/ CRM…)
  • Audit data capture is customised to meet your needs with rules based workflow and a myriad of platform features improving the speed and quality of your audits
  • TAAP DocGen automatically creates any required documents for both internal use and customer reports

Dealership Audit

Working with globally recognised vehicle manufacturers, TAAP has digitised the process of completing, scoring and reporting dealer audits, with TAAP’s multilingual feature enabling audits to be completed in any language required.

Audits can be completed quickly and accurately on any device with TAAP workflow, rules and auto calculations efficiently guiding the audit to completion with capability to create live dashboard and BI reporting.

Asset Management

  • Real-time asset tracking across your organisation
  • Monitor the state and condition of your assets
  • Real time visibility of assets status

Health & Safety

  • Digitising processes can help ensure employees adhere to policies and procedures to ensure employee safety
  • Real time visibility of inspection data can support decisions to proactively mitigate risk
  • Plant equipment
  • Ensuring compliance of HR rules for field workers
  • DSE compliance
  • Occupational training
  • Certified and accredited employees for specific equipment/vehicles

DVSA Compliance Checks

  • In 2018/19 DVSA enforcement offices issued 35,744 roadside prohibitions, resulting in fines and for serial offenders the loss of operators licences
  • Unsafe vehicles puts both the public and driver at serious risk and the daily walk around check must be completed by law to check a vehicle is roadworthy and safe
  • TAAP provides a fast and efficient digital solution to completing checks, providing management visibility on conformance and ensures all your vehicles that are on the road have been checked daily as safe to use
  • Commonly, a TAAP DVSA solution is used by transport and logistics operators as a simple process add-on supporting their TAAP POD and transport systems

Inspection Certification

  • Vehicle inspection data is captured digitally meeting your specific inspection requirements and workflow.
  • In app vehicle diagrams enable fast and accurate reporting of the location of any damage.
  • Photo capture with annotation provides undisputable evidence of vehicle condition.
  • Function is available to capture video evidence that can be viewed by your customer.
  • Scoring can be calculated and set up in systems rules to flag a condition rating or a pass or fail status.
  • Reports and Certificates are auto generated using TAAP DocGen and can be sent to your customer automatically using TAAP Notify.
  • Inspection work can be allocated remotely to inspectors based on location and availability.
  • TAAP is used for Inspection Certification in both B2B and B2C markets, automating the administrative tasks, reduces operational costs and provides a real-time view of your inspection business.

Axel Alignment

  • Mobile device application enabling the accurate capture and representation of wheel alignment data.
  • In-app visual representation that dynamically changes to alignment data input
  • Before and after visuals can be reported as digital PDFs for client records
  • Evidential images and video can be added to digital reports
  • Other inspection and remedial work data can be captured, cost calculated and reported without any requirement for manual intervention or further administration
  • Enables instant invoicing and improved cashflows
  • Provides a fast, efficient and professional solution for automotive operations

Why Choose TAAP?

Our core principle is to provide agile delivery through a ‘configure not code’ approach.

We have an extensive portfolio of processes that have been tried and tested within every industry and vertical, and if we haven’t worked with your industry yet, we’re confident our rapid development approach will see you working with a TAAP app in no time!

Learn more about our expertise and our ethos here!

Key Features


Push real-time updates to your customers via SMS or email throughout the inspection journey

Offline Working

Work can be carried out anywhere, anytime without the need for a signal

Cross Platform

All solutions are compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices

Damage Mark & Reporting

Easily record vehicle damage with TAAP active damage input and generate reports

Photo & Video Capture

Capture high-quality images and annotate them to highlight damage

Reporting & Insights

Generate PDF inspection reports and utilise data analytics tools for real-time dashboards

Standardised Integration

Easily integrate with back-office applications and 3rd party services

Fleet and Inspection Management

Easily schedule vehicle inspections for your inspectors and manage your fleet of vehicles damage capture, costing and repair process

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Delivered through an easy to use mobile app that simplifies the data capture process for vehicle inspections

Vehicle HPI Check

Out of the box integration with the HPI data service to check vehicle history

Route optimisation

Integrated mapping technology optimises routes for multiple inspections

Job Planning & Dynamic

Assignments of workload to your employees

See how TAAP can work with you today.

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