TAAP Visitor Book

Digital transformation starts as you step through the door with TAAP Visitor Book

Replacing traditional paper sign in systems and touchscreen kiosks, Visitor Book uses QR codes and an app to enable visitors to sign in on their arrival within seconds

TAAP Visitor Book

A simple sign-in solution for every business

TAAP Visitor Book digitalises the sign-in process to deliver a modern, contactless solution. Replacing logbooks and tablets, our solution uses QR codes and an app, to enable visitors to sign-in on their arrival, within seconds.

No new hardware. Be up and running in 10 minutes.

Digital transformation starts as you walk through the door.

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Complete Visibility

Our Visitor Book solution gives organisations real-time, accurate data for onsite visitors, employees and contractors.

On arrival, visitors will be requested to scan the QR code and fill in the required details via the app. This information is instantly available on the company’s TAAP web-based portal. The information required by visitors is customisable and companies can relay chosen documentation/policies to all visitors and request confirmation.

Microsoft Outlook 365 Integration

Office 365 add-in allows users to include a TAAP Visitor Book link to their appointments for visitors. This link provides fast access to the Apple or Android shop to download the app before their visit.

This integration means users will receive an instant email notification when their invited visitors sign in.

TAAP Visitor Book Features


Visitors scan a QR code to sign in and out in line with UK GDPR


Caters for all, from a small single site to large multi-site clients, easily add more locations as you grow


Safe sign-in eliminates pen, paper and kiosk touch points

Visitor ID

A digital visitor badge is created for identification onsite


Calendar integration for instant email notifications on visitors arrival


Fully digital with no more waiting in line at reception

Any Device

No specific hardware required, it works on any device


Visitors details are safe and secure aligned with GDPR

Real Time Visibility

Visibility of visitor sign in and out data

Location Compliance

Customisable checks that visitors need to read and accept prior to sign in

Visitor Types

Customise sign in process based on Visitor Type e.g. contractors, employees, visitors

Pre registration

Request visitors to pre register before attending your location


Access involves a simple subscription service, with costs dependent on the number of locations required.

Plan A – 1-20 Locations

  • Service: £50 per month
  • Per Location Cost: £5 per month

Plan B – 21+ Locations

  • Service: £125 per month
  • Per Location Cost: £3 per month

Plan C – Serviced Office

  • Service: £175 per month


Taking digital sign-in to the next level

Our Pro solution offers more features, to make visitor sign-in even more simplified and efficient.

Visitor Book Pro can integrate with badge printers, barrier access control and even with back-office applications like healthcare outpatient systems.

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Say goodbye to pen and paper and hello to contactless sign-ins.

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