TAAP Revolutionising the NHS in Response to Covid-19

January 9, 2024

TAAP Visitor Book in Action

TAAP, a market leader in digital transformation, have been rapidly integrating our innovative contactless sign-in solution in the health service to reduce touchpoints, giving the health service an added layer of protection in the fight against the coronavirus.

TAAP’s Visitor Book solution presents a Quick Response (QR) code to visitors and asks them to scan it to enter an online sign in service. The NHS Trust can request data like names, phone numbers, health status, and more. This data is then communicated to the admin staff who can use it to alert medical professionals of the visitors’ arrival.

Currently 60 locations have been identified to receive the new sign in solution. This innovation can assist in drastically reducing transmission and the spread of Covid-19.

The Trust Innovation Board were recently presented with the TAAP Solution. The panel thought the idea was interesting and provided a seamless and safe solution for visitors attending site and successfully awarded full funding to roll out the TAAP solution Trustwide. Following this initial roll out the team have also been nominated for an innovation award.

Janice Darling, a Site Manager at Hertfordshire Partnership NHS  Foundation Trust (HPFT) who is assisting with the roll out of TAAP said, “The TAAP solution offers us an excellent opportunity to maintain safety within the environment and also gives our service users assurances that we are a forward thinking and innovative Trust with their safety at the heart of everything we do”.

While Hakan Akozek, Chief Information Officer for HPFT agreed, “As most of us are now used to checking into public venues using QR codes, this was the most pragmatic approach to address some the challenges posed by the pandemic at our receptions. TAAP provided a cost effective digital solution to address this immediate issue that can be implemented very quickly and maintained with very little overhead. The supplier has also been very supportive and accommodating throughout the process”.

TAAP’s Visitor Book has the impressive effect of almost completely dissolving queuing, in reception areas, overnight. The QR code can be presented at the doors of the facilities, and before entering the premises the visitor can be asked to complete health assessments and Covid-19 questionnaires on their personal devices.

This solution works in scenarios with and without attending staff members. Replacing the previous method of using pen and paper, or in kiosk arrangements that has potential to spread the virus through touchpoint contamination.

Steve Higgon, CEO of TAAP stated that, “We’re thrilled the success Janice and the team are experiencing with Visitor Book. The product was built to solve the challenges that Covid presented, and this is another example of how one of TAAP’s customers have deployed Visitor Book to great success”.

Healthcare is on the cusp of a digital revolution and this NHS Trust is ahead of the innovation curve.

If you would like to find out more about how your facility can create a seamless sign-in process, our Visitor Book solution could be the answer!