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Open Business

Open business begins with the TAAP store and is designed to help organisations digitally transform business operations using No-Code technology.

The TAAP Store is a resource for our Marketplace clients and contains fully functional No-Code applications, how to snippets, templates, and community contributions to help you build and shape the applications you need for your business.

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No-Code Technology

All of our products or applications have a heritage derived from the original TAAP No-Code platform originally created back in 2003.

The platform has been used global in multiple languages across many industries, verticals and for almost every kind of workflow or business process.

To run applications from the TAAP Store you’ll need the TAAP Accelerate platform.

If you would like to install a copy of the TAAP Accelerate platform to download applications from the TAAP Store or you would like to build No-Code applications, contact TAAP and we will discuss the best deployment options to suit your requirements.

Business Ready Applications

Once you can have installed the TAAP Accelerate platform you can create your own no code applications or download from the TAAP Store applications, templates, how to, and other contributions.

If you can’t find the application you are looking for then you can request the TAAP Apps Factory to create you an application template, or if your need is more urgent, contact the consultancy team and they can get you setup with your own instance and help your acceleration and adoption of this technology.

This list of TAAP Store applications is always growing:

Our Applications

Our Platform provides digital transformation across 56+ industries, 110+ verticals enabling organisations to develop applications at pace.

Featured Case Study

The Intertek Group

Intertek Group specialises in inspecting and testing industrial products. It wanted a real-time e-reporting system to replace its paper-based processes.

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