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TAAP supporting our Energy, Oil & Gas experts with always on applications

Agile applications for a traditional sector

TAAP technology experts collaborate with your Oil & Gas experts to create streamlined, user centric applications at speed which mirror your exacting processes.

Our technology has been deployed globally to over 88 countries in multiple languages and allows you to focus on business agility, process efficiency, process improvement, reducing non-productive time, and visualising this operational data in real-time allowing you to make actionable informed decisions.

It supports side by side upgrades allowing for continuous improvement, no down time, with enterprise process IP standardisation.

Digital Inspection

TAAP understand the importance of quality control for our clients. With inspections being carried out globally for multiple end clients with differing needs, TAAP’s solutions support you to own your inspection processes, digitising and updating them at speed.

Ensure your inspectors have the right inspection data and supporting collateral to complete the work whilst providing real time visibility back to head office to ensure end clients SLA’s are met.

Remote Video Inspection

TAAP are always working with our clients to evolve with their ways of working to provide that competitive edge. Step forward, Remote Video Inspection.

Remote Video Inspection brings inspectors and surveyors to a site virtually to verify quality and integrity of equipment and assets to both company and industry standards. Advanced features such as document sharing, camera zoom, on-screen chat, screen capture and annotations to your inspectors and experts who can complete inspections remotely.

Reduce inspection cost through reduced travel and expenses whilst maintaining the thorough high quality inspections organisations and industry expect.

Asset Integrity

Digitally capture all relevant data relating to assets and their components ensuring equipment are operational and management have visibility of assets to make data driven decisions for preventative maintenance and failure prediction.

Measure and control the quality of components supporting risk and critical mitigation activities.

Data Collection, Transformation, Visualisation

TAAP Business Intelligence solutions ensure that all data collected can be manipulated, transformed and visualised in accordance with what the enterprise needs to track, report on and maintain competitive advantage.

The TAAP transform library allows business analysts to rapidly change the parameters, hence highlighting immediate business issues and allowing for the required corrective action. Actionable insights help reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Document Verification

The TAAP Document Verification solution provides the necessary compliance and verification required to ensure document integrity. It allows a QR code to be scanned, a Pin Entered, and an electronic version of the document to be extracted from a Blockchain backed data storage facility.

Document integrity results in evidence from legal point of view, provides authenticity, helps mitigate risk Provides another level of value and confidence for your customers.

Moderation Risk Based Inspections

To help support our clients provide a competitive edge, the moderation functionality allows for a digital inspection to be moderated before going to the end client. Moderation of inspections ensures a level of quality control, maintains SLA’s, supports targeted training needs and ensures end customer satisfaction.

Want to see more?

Our platform provides end-to-end process excellence. Already trusted by leading oil & gas companies, we have developed hundreds of processes.

Here are just a few more.

If you don’t see a process here that you may need digitising, get in touch!
Process Standardisation and Integration

Data is at the heart of any organisation, with TAAP’s BI expertise and your industry knowledge, we can help bring your data to life.

Automating the capturing of time and expenses on the go for your inspectors.

Automate rules to ensure correct cost codes are always used helping reduce administrative burden. Provides real time visbility of costs against projects helping support financial forecasting and cash flows.

Key Features

On-System Reliability

Seamless version management ensures no system downtime

Real-Time Notifications

Push real-time updates to your customers via SMS or email

Offline Working

Allow work to be carried out anywhere, anytime

Cross Platform

All solutions are compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices

Photo & Video Capture

Capture high quality images and annotate them to highlight asset integrity

Reporting & Insights

Generate inspection reports and utilise data analysis, for real-time dashboards

Featured Case Study

The Intertek Group

Intertek Group specialises in inspecting and testing industrial products. It wanted a real-time e-reporting system to replace its paper-based processes.

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