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Regulatory compliance on TAAP

Creating efficiencies for heavily regulated industries

The most important industries in the world are the ones that are the most heavily regulated, from finance, law and healthcare, to construction, energy production and manufacturing.

These regulations are not only to protect consumers in terms of the house they live in, the car they drive or what they put in their bodies, they also help to  govern the very pillars of modern society –it’s pretty important stuff!

It’s also very arduous stuff, regulatory compliance can cost firms millions per year in man power alone, not to mention the cost of regulation insurance and fines – that’s where TAAP comes in!

We’d never condone circumventing compliance protocols but with our no-code/low-code approach, we’re aiming to create efficiencies for your business and inject a little regtech into your operations.


Our Platform provides digital transformation across 56+ industries, 110+ verticals enabling organisations to develop applications at pace.

Paperless Paper Trails

We support those working in HQ and in the field. Anyone with a disparate work-force knows how important it is to receive, capture, and send information from anywhere to anywhere and have the peace of mind that a robust paper trail will be there in the event of industry audits.

The TAAP Platform can:

Looking to create efficiencies in your compliance processes?