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Supporting TIC digitisation on an enterprise scale

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Working with you to digitise your TIC processes ensuring trust and confidence

TIC is a crucial component to so many sectors including the likes of Oil & Gas, Automotive and Retail.

Working with industry experts, TAAP configure client specific solutions to a multi-faceted industry, providing traceable, auditable and compliant processes.

TAAP work with you to digitise your specific test, inspection and certification processes to help ensure standards and regulations are met.

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Remote Video Inspection Powered By TAAP

The new way to complete your inspections.

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Supporting TIC across all industries

TIC in Oil & Gas

Always on Inspections

We work with oil & gas experts supporting end to end processes whilst delivering testing, inspection and certification excellence through the likes of digital inspections, remote video inspections, document verification and moderation risk based inspections.

TAAP’s solutions support asset integrity, ensuring traceability, auditability and compliance to help mitigate risk.

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TIC In Automotive

Steering TIC in Automotive

We work with automotive experts supporting end to end vehicle inspection and certification processes.

Working with our clients to digitise their inspection processes streamlines daily work routines whilst ensuring vehicle integrity, safety of end clients and compliance with industry regulations.

TAAP’s solutions are driving TIC within the automotive sector.

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TIC in Retail

Compliance Visibility for All Stores

We work with retail experts supporting audit, compliance and legal checks in store ensuring safety for staff and customers.

Compliance is critical across the whole store from fridges being the correct temperature, food being in date, hot counters selling food that has been cooked to the correct standards and much more.

Traceability and auditability are critical to ensure safety to all and help making sure customers have a positive shopping experience.

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TIC in UK Ports

Streamline Operations, Reduce Cost, Optimise Processes

Supporting asset integrity inspections including workflow rules ensuring inspections are completed in compliance with regulatory standards.

Ability to see history of asset depreciation over time and analyse data across all inspections for proactive decision making.

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Accurate Testing at Scale

Testing is crucial to ensuring operational performance, safety and profitability. Through our agile technology, we can transform your inspection process. Workers will be able to record and compare asset integrity in real-time. The platform provides full functionality to annotate photos or existing images with pre-defined codes or freehand shapes and lines.

These annotated images can be automatically embedded into reports generated by the system, enabling comparisons over time. This detailed approach drastically reduces the risk of overlooking issues or potential failures.


Data-Driven Decision Making

The TAAP BI analytics module allows in-house members to create live reports and actionable insights to ensure decisions made are backed by accurate and current data.

Our simple user interface delivers dashboards and reports that capture data in real-time from inspectors reporting from the field. Your business analysts have the capability to customise each report and dashboard on a client basis or top-level views for management.


When servicing such highly regulated sectors that require consistent monitoring, inspectors need a thorough and seamless solution that caters to all of their needs.

TAAP have developed hundreds of applications with our clients, other industries we have worked closely with include the following.

TIC in Hospitality

Supporting our clients with digital solutions that match their TIC processes across hotels and catering services to ensure safety standards aligned with hospitality rules and regulations.

TIC in Housing

Working with clients delivering property inspection services to help digitise their inspection processes for their end clients.

Some of the processes we’ve digitised with our clients include:

  • DPN6
  • LGSR
  • Conditional Survey
  • Electrical Site Report
  • Risk Assessments

TIC in Events

Testing, Inspection and Certification is crucial with the events sector to provide safety for guests and exhibitors. TAAP work with our clients to digitise their processes to ensure safety remains at the forefront when events are in full swing. These processes include:

  • Stand checks
  • Power point checks
  • Site policies and procedures
  • Health & safety


We provide the tools and technology to drive process efficiency across any environment without any IT overhead.

With a no-code enabled platform, we can develop applications in a matter of minutes! We deploy them globally in multiple languages, running on all devices and hosted in the cloud or in your data centre.

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Key Features

Offline Working

Capture data anywhere, anytime without the need for any signal


Utilise GPS positioning within processes

Video Capture

Capture inspection videos


Capture inspector or customer signatures with date/time stamp and full audit history

Generate Reports

Generate complex reports based on data stored in the platform


Compatible with all Windows, iOS and Android devices

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